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  • Best-selling formula
  • The highest protein content of any powder on the UK market 
  • Over 99g of protein per 100g
  • Cross-flow Micro-filtered Whey Isolate with zero carbs and zero fat
  • Used by former Mr Universe, John Citrone

    Why bodybuilders use our product
    Protein Mania is one of the highest protein powders on the UK market with an outstanding 98% protein content.
    Each 30 gram serving contains over 29 grams of protein with added vital nutrients to aid weight loss and recovery whilst containing zero carbs and zero fat.
    Serious bodybuilders and weightlifters enjoy the range of benefits that Protein Mania delivers:Helps destroy body fat* – unlike other high protein powders on the market that state they’re low carb, usually compensate with high sugar or low fat, our specially engineered formula contains literally zero carbs, zero sugar and zero fat making it the perfect protein powder for weight loss. Maximised muscle gain* – not only is Protein Mania a high protein powder for muscle gain, it’s one of the highest protein powder on the UK market and is completely unrivalled in terms of delivering high-quality blends of Whey Isolate and Soya Isolate allowing you to recover faster during states of anabolism so you can get back to the gym quicker.Amplified strength* - Protein Mania now contains creatine monohydrate and extra amino acids called Taurine, L-Glutamine and L-Arginine which act synergistically to enhance strength, boost protein synthesis, improve muscular endurance and increase oxygen to the working muscles.
    Rapid absorption* - Soya protein is a complete protein that ranks right up there with the best in the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS). Both Whey Isolate and Soya Isolate score 1.0 the highest percentage possible making it one of the best in terms of rapid absorption and digestibility so your body wastes less. How it’s usedCombine a 30 gram serving in a shaker bottle with water for a thinner shake or milk for a thicker shake.What you can expect*Protein Mania comes in a 4.4lb container and has 70 servings – making each shake just 40p, an unbeatable price for such a high protein powder.
    Who is it for?For those that want to maximise their protein intake and achieve macronutrient goals without the hassle of carrying around full cooked chickens.*Disclaimer - supplement results vary from person to person and Peak Body  suggests using supplements to compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. If in doubt when considering if supplement use is suitable, please contact your GP, Doctor or Physician for advice.


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